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Our Story

Founded over 15 years ago, Jiayilights has grown from a visionary LED holiday lighting factory to an industry leader in innovative decorative solutions. Our passion for excellence has driven us to secure over 100 patents, establishing our reputation for quality and ingenuity. As a specialized OEM and ODM provider, we’re proud to serve a global clientele, offering custom holiday lighting that captures the spirit of celebration. Join us in a brighter, more sustainable future shaped by our commitment to holiday lighting excellence.

Our Mission

At Jiayilights, our mission is to empower every business to shine. We strive to be the cornerstone of your festive occasions by providing state-of-the-art LED holiday lighting that is as reliable as it is radiant. Our dedication to sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction drives us to deliver exceptional lighting experiences that are both eco-conscious and captivating. In every strand of lights we create, we seek to embody the spirit of celebration and the promise of quality that our partners can depend on, year after year.

JIAYI Lights Manufacturing Equipement

Christmas lights factory-injection molding machine

Different Lights Bulb Injection Molding Machine

Christmas lights factory-PVC wire lights machine

PVC Wire Lights Automatic Production Machine

Christmas lights factory copper wire lights machine

Copper Wire Lights Automatic Production Machine

Christmas lights factory-LED packaging machine

Smart RGB LED Packaging Machine


Christmas lights factory building
Founded in 2006
Jiayilights was established in the area of Guangzhou's Panyu, embarking on our journey with a focus on crafting LED bulbs with metal holders. This marked the beginning of our quest to illuminate lives.



Christmas lights factory
The Advent of Copper Wire Fairy Lights
We expanded our product line to include copper wire fairy lights, intricately placing LED chips on wires by hand at that time.
Christmas lights factory-SMD bulb
Advancements in Technology and Quality
Embracing SMD bulb technology, we innovated our manufacturing process for enhanced quality and efficiency. This pivotal change was recognized with a patent for invention, setting a new standard in our offerings.



Christmas lights factory-machine
Automation and Expansion
In a strategic move to increase production efficiency and manage costs, we introduced machine-assisted manufacturing. This period also saw our factory moving to Jiangxi province to benefit from the favorable labor cost, signifying a major step in our growth.
Christmas lights factory-smart LED IC
Pioneering Smart LED Technology
Our innovation journey continued as we ventured into the development of smart LED technologies, securing another invention patent. This breakthrough underscored our leadership in the industry.



Deepening our Expertise in Smart Holiday Lights
We've dedicated ourselves to furthering advancements in smart holiday lighting, consistently introducing products that represent the pinnacle of innovation, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal.

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