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Seamless Installation and Stunning Visuals with Our Smart LED Cone Tree Lights

Revolutionize Your Festive Displays with Smart LED Cone Tree Lights

Elevate any setting this holiday season with Jiayilights’ innovative Smart LED Cone Tree Lights, designed to meet both retail and commercial needs with exceptional versatility and stunning visual appeal. Our cone tree lights come in a variety of sizes—from compact 1.5m models ideal for home use to grand 3.6m versions perfect for commercial spaces—and are fully customizable to your specific requirements.

  • Advanced LED Technology: Equipped with smart LED bulbs using the TTL1903 protocol, our cone trees deliver smooth, captivating animations. Each bulb is assigned a unique IP address, ensuring that if one bulb fails, the rest continue to operate flawlessly, maintaining the integrity and brilliance of your display.
Smart LED cone tree lights USC1903
  • User-Friendly Control Options: Choose between Bluetooth app control, infrared remote control, or wireless remote control for effortless operation. Our intuitive control systems allow easy group control, making professional-quality light shows accessible to everyone—not just technical experts or the affluent.
  • Practical and Portable Design: The specially designed foldable umbrella base not only provides stability but also folds down into a compact size for easy transport and storage. Installation is straightforward, allowing you to set up and enjoy your lighting without hassle.
IP44 and IP67 outdoor 5V power
  • Versatile Power Options: Tailor your setup to the size and scale of your project with our flexible power options. Smaller trees typically use a 5V power system, while our larger, mega trees can accommodate a more robust 12V system.
  • Durable and Safe Materials: Crafted with high-quality PVC wires, with an option for rubber wires in commercial-grade applications, our cone tree lights are built to last and withstand various weather conditions, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
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