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At JIAYI, we’re at the forefront of the festive season with our cutting-edge Smart LED Christmas Lights. Our extensive experience has led us to develop a comprehensive range of smart lighting solutions, including but not limit LED curtain lights, tree lights, rope lights, string lights, and mesh light walls. Each product is designed with innovation and sustainability at its core, ensuring we meet the diverse needs of our clients worldwide. Partner with us for unparalleled quality and bring a new level of brilliance to your holiday decorations.

smart LED icicle lights
smart LED icicle lights
Smart LED tree topper
smart LED tree topper lights
Smart LED waterfall lights
smart LED waterfall lights
Smart LED starburst
smart LED starburst lights
Smart LED net lights
smart LED net lights wall
smart LED cluster lights
Smart LED pathway lights
smart LED path way lights
C7 C9 Strawberry series
smart LED strawberry series

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All You Need to Know About Smart Christmas Lights

Smart LED Christmas lights are advanced lighting solutions that combine the festive charm of traditional holiday decorations with modern technology. They offer customizable colors, patterns, and control options via smartphones or voice-activated devices, allowing for personalized and dynamic lighting displays. Energy-efficient and versatile, these lights transform any space into a vibrant holiday scene, making them the perfect choice for those seeking convenience, sustainability, and creativity in their festive decorations.

Advantages of Smart Christmas lights

Customization: Smart LED lights allow for an extensive range of colors and patterns, enabling users to create personalized lighting displays with ease. The ability to adjust settings via a smartphone app or voice control adds a layer of convenience and flexibility.

Energy Efficiency: These lights consume significantly less power compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, leading to lower electricity costs and a reduced environmental impact.

Durability and Longevity: LED lights are known for their long life spans, often lasting many seasons without needing replacement. Their solid-state construction also makes them more resistant to breakage.

Remote and Automated Control: With smart functionalities, these lights can be controlled remotely, allowing for the scheduling of lighting displays or turning them on/off without physical interaction, enhancing both security and convenience.

Wide Range of Applications: Beyond just Christmas decorations, smart LED lights are versatile enough for use in a variety of settings and occasions, from festive holiday displays to ambient lighting for parties and events.

Integration with Smart Home Systems: Many smart LED Christmas lights can be integrated with existing smart home ecosystems, allowing for centralized control along with other smart devices and contributing to a more connected, intelligent home environment.

Technology and Innovation

We have both SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) and PLC (Power Line Communication) technology

Innovating with SPI: Unique IP address Individual Control, Infinite Possibilities

At Jiayilights, we harness the power of SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) technology to bring to life the most dynamic and complex lighting animations. Ideal for products that demand rapid refresh rates and intricate patterns, SPI technology enables individual control of each LED bulb. Our pioneering approach allows us to assign a unique IP address to every bulb, ensuring they operate in parallel. This innovation means that should any single bulb face issues, the rest of your display remains unaffected, maintaining the brilliance and continuity of your festive decorations. Perfect for high-impact commercial displays and events, our SPI-enabled smart LED Christmas lights push the boundaries of what’s possible, creating mesmerizing experiences that captivate and enchant.

Smart RGB willow lights
Smart LED neon lights
PLC Technology: Simplifying Installation Without Sacrificing Quality

In situations where complex animations are not a requirement, but reliability and ease of installation are paramount, Jiayilights turns to PLC (Power Line Communication) technology. Our PLC-equipped smart LED Christmas lights simplify the setup process, utilizing existing electrical wiring to communicate between lights and controller. This innovation supports up to 256 unique IP addresses within a single lighting system, making it incredibly versatile and stable for extensive installations. The straightforward controller system mirrors the ease of SPI, ensuring user-friendly operation. Ideal for steady or gently transitioning lighting arrangements, our PLC technology offers a stable, scalable solution, perfect for creating ambient atmospheres in retail spaces, public areas, and large-scale holiday installations.

Control System

Bluetooth APP controller
Bluetooth APP controller
Tuya APP controller
Tuya APP controller
Christmas lights remote
Only Remote
Custom service

Power Supply Available

Smart christmas lights battery box
Battery box
Smart Christmas lights USB
USB plug
Smart Christmas lights adapter
Low voltage adapter
Smart Christmas lights Solar
Smart Christmas lights high voltage plug

Different Wire and Bulb Shape For choose

You can choose different colors, style for wires and bulbs. Also can choose different bulb space. 

Custom your full new items with different element.

black wire lights

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