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Explore top-tier, customizable smart LED curtain lights crafted for brilliance and durability. Perfect for buyers seeking reliable, high-performance lighting solutions.

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Elevate your commercial and festive environments with Jiayilights’ Smart LED Curtain Lights. As a leading factory, we specialize in producing advanced, energy-efficient LED curtain lights that are not only easy to install but also incredibly versatile. Our lights are designed to meet the needs of professional buyers, importers, and brands looking for top-tier lighting solutions.

Key Features and Benefits

Durability and Longevity

Built to last, our LED lights are manufactured from high-quality materials ensuring durability and consistent performance in all weather conditions.

Customization at Its Best

Control and customize your lighting experience with ease. Our Smart LED Curtain Lights come with adjustable settings for brightness, color, and effects, all manageable via a user-friendly app.

Broad Application Spectrum

Ideal for a variety of settings including retail spaces, corporate events, outdoor festivals, and private functions, our LED curtain lights enhance any atmosphere.

Easy Installation

Say goodbye to complicated setups. Our LED curtain lights are designed for easy installation, making them perfect for quick event setups and permanent installations alike

Smart LED curtain lights-Connect to 4sets
Create Large Works of Art
Smart LED curtain lights-Music Sync
Synchronized Music Mode
Smart LED curtain lights-IP65 waterproof
IP65 Waterproof Rating
Smart LED curtain lights-Outstanding Pattern Displays
Outstanding Pattern Displays
DIY Pattern Displays
Smart LED curtain lights-16million colors
Versatile Lighting Effects
Smart LED curtain lights-Unleash Creativity with DIY Mode
Unleash Creativity with DIY Mode
Customizable Sizes

Revolutionary SPI Technology with Individual IP Addressing for Unmatched Reliability

High-Speed Communication:

  • SPI technology enables high-speed data transmission between the LED lights and the controller, ensuring smooth and synchronous lighting effects even in extensive setups. This feature is crucial for maintaining the integrity of dynamic patterns and real-time music synchronization.

Enhanced Reliability:

  • With SPI, each connection is point-to-point, significantly reducing the chance of data collision and signal interference, which is common in busier networks. This reliability is essential for professional installations where consistent performance is critical.

Scalability and Flexibility:

  • SPI technology allows for greater scalability in lighting designs. Whether expanding the number of lights or integrating different types of LED products, SPI makes it easier to manage complex configurations without sacrificing performance.

Simplified Installation and Maintenance:

  • The straightforward nature of SPI wiring simplifies the installation process, making it easier to set up and modify lighting arrays. This simplicity also extends to maintenance, as diagnosing and addressing issues becomes more manageable with SPI’s clear connection logic.

Control System

Bluetooth APP controller
Bluetooth APP controller
Tuya APP controller
Tuya APP controller
Christmas lights remote
Only Remote
Custom service

Power Supply Available

Smart Christmas lights USB
USB plug
Smart Christmas lights adapter
Low voltage adapter

Different Style for LED Colors and Bulb shape

Smart LED curtain lights-RGB IC
Smart LED curtain lights-RGBWW IC
Smart LED curtain lights-5mm bulb
5mm bulb
Smart LED curtain lights-ball shape
ball bulb

Key Application Areas

1. Retail Environments:

Elevate the Shopping Experience with Dynamic Lighting In the competitive world of retail, attracting and retaining customer attention is key. Jiayilights’ Smart LED Curtain Lights offer a vibrant and flexible solution to catch the eye of passersby and enhance the in-store ambiance. Program the lights to change with promotions or seasonal themes, creating a dynamic shopping environment that encourages longer visits and increased sales.

2. Event Venues:

Create Memorable Atmospheres for Every Occasion From weddings to corporate gatherings, our Smart LED Curtain Lights set the perfect mood. Their easy installation and versatility allow event planners to tailor lighting to specific themes or corporate colors. Use them to create dazzling backdrops, highlight entrances, or enhance stage settings with lights that sync with music, making every event a visually stunning experience.

3. Architectural Highlights:

Accentuate Architectural Features with Tailored Lighting Architects and designers choose Jiayilights’ Smart LED Curtain Lights to bring buildings to life after dark. These lights can be used to highlight architectural elements, enhance curves, and illuminate facades. Whether it’s a historic building or a modern skyscraper, our lights offer the flexibility to complement any architectural style, making it stand out in the urban landscape.

4. Public Spaces and Art Installations:

Transform Public Spaces into Vibrant Social Hubs Jiayilights’ Smart LED Curtain Lights are ideal for enhancing public spaces like parks, plazas, and pedestrian zones. They can be used in art installations to engage the community and beautify areas, encouraging public interaction and enjoyment. Our lights withstand various weather conditions, making them suitable for year-round outdoor installations that light up community spaces.

5. Holiday and Seasonal Displays:

Brighten Festivities with Weather-Resistant, Versatile Displays Perfect for holiday decorations, our Smart LED Curtain Lights can be programmed to celebrate different seasons and festivities. Their IP65 waterproof rating ensures that they can be used both indoors and outdoors, from the scorching heat of summer festivals to the frosty chill of winter celebrations. With multiple lighting effects and easy customization, create enchanting environments that captivate and delight visitors during any festive occasion.

Quality Assurance Process for Smart LED Curtain Lights

Christmas lights manufacturer certificate

Our factory is rigorously audited under ISO and BSCI standards, ensuring responsible and sustainable manufacturing practices. Each product we craft meets stringent global requirements, including CE, RoHS, and GS certifications for the European market, as well as UL and FCC standards for the USA. These certifications demonstrate our dedication to quality, safety, and environmental consciousness across all our Smart LED Curtain Lights.

waterproof testing
Material and Component Testing--Water-spray Test
Salt Spray Test
Material and Component Testing--Salt Spray Test
Power test
Electrical Safety Tests
high low temperature test
High-low temperature test

      1. Material and Component Testing:

    • Each batch of materials, including string lights and hardware components like the controller box, undergoes comprehensive testing. For products designed for outdoor use, we conduct saline (salt spray) tests and water-spray tests to ensure durability and weather resistance.

      2. Electrical Safety Tests:

    • We perform critical electrical tests, including high voltage tests to check for electrical insulation performance, and watt testing to verify energy efficiency and compliance with energy standards.

     3. Assembly and Aging Testing:

    • Once assembled into curtain lights, both adapters and light sets are subjected to an extensive 12-hour aging test. This process involves operating the lights under controlled conditions to simulate extended usage, ensuring longevity and stability.
Aging testing 1
Aging Testing After Assembling
APP function testing
Functionality and App Integration Tests
Full checking after aging test
Individual String Inspection
Final Pre-Packaging Review

        4. Functionality and App Integration Tests:

    • Post-aging, we meticulously inspect the lights by opening up the products to test all functions through a specially developed app. This app is designed for bulk testing, allowing us to efficiently assess multiple sets simultaneously, ensuring all interactive features perform seamlessly.

        5. Individual String Inspection:

    • Concurrent with app testing, each string of lights is checked individually to ensure every segment meets our quality standards without any defects or inconsistencies.

       6. Final Pre-Packaging Review:

    • Before packing, each set of curtain lights undergoes one final quality test to confirm that all components and functionalities are in perfect condition. Only after passing this final check are the products approved for packaging and dispatch.

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